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Mad Cave Studios

Exorcists Never Die #6 (Of 6)

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(END OF SERIES) Pride goes before the fall! So it makes sense that Pride is the most dangerous demonic sin of all. It's a perfect trap for combat exorcists Syd Miller and Ellen Blair, who have done what no other exorcist has ever done. They've fought and exorcized their way to the final level of the Hellscraper. On the other side of a massive chthonic door sits the largest Soul Auction in generations. But after all they've survived, how can Syd and Ellen not feel pride? The very success that's gotten them so far makes them easy marks for the last sin in line. To beat Pride and stop the Soul Auction in time, Syd and Ellen must take on one last impossible task: attempt to perform the Messiah Flow, the so-called nuclear option, a flow that channels the power of the messiah himself! There's just one catch- it's killed every exorcist that has attempted it.