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Hellicious #1 Cover A Wallis (Mature)

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Kit Wallis, the popular artist on titles like Mr. Easta, Good Boy, and Whatnot Publishing's Quested, returns to his roots with this all-new cover for the hard to find first appearance of Hellicious! Don't miss this chance to get these brand new cover releases of the sold out debut issue of Hellicious, soon to be an animated series starring Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Meet Cherry, the Devil's prankster granddaughter and the cutest grim reaper in Hell. She loves everything about her home - its burning landscapes, its horrific inhabitants, and especially her demonic family - but she's lonely. She might look like a little girl, but she's much too powerful for the imps and the damned inhabitants of the underworld. There's only one soul who Cherry thinks might be a good playmate - Satan-worshipping death metal frontman Briggy Bundy. The bad news is, he isn't dead...Yet. But Cherry won't let a little thing like that keep them apart... and all Hell breaks loose when Cherry defies the order of the afterlife to finally have the best friend she's always wanted.