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American Mythology Productions

Witch Hammer #2 Cover B Ropp Animated

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Greenwich Village, New York's demon infestation is getting worse, now that the Demon-Lord, Astaroth has arrived. The fine officers of the 9th Precinct don't have a clue how to battle the countless, blood-thirsty demon hoard, even with the help of the mysterious Witch Hammer and the New York press corps is getting impatient. In the meantime, N.Y.C. newcomer, Charlie Kramer is struggling with demons of her own. What is the connection between renowned Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the enigmatic Leung Qi, and Witch Hammer? What rather large object have Reichsfuhrer Himmler's Nazi spies discovered in New York City? And who is S.I.S. Agent Gordon Thompson? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this action-packed, paranormal installment of Witch Hammer! Trust us, you won't be disappointed!