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Fables #151 Cover B Mark Buckingham Card Stock Variant (Mature)

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Fables #151 Cover B Mark Buckingham Card Stock Variant (Mature)

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its launch, the acclaimed blockbuster that defined an era of Vertigo returns with an all-new 12-issue story, The Black Forest a tale that picks up right where Fables #150 left off, providing a new entry point into the world of Fabletown! The dust has barely settled from the climactic battle between Totenkinder and Cinderella and everything is far from happily ever after.

A legendary new adversary has arrived, and he plans to get even with Geppetto for the mess that has been made of Manhattan. But it s a new day...and with it, a new Jack in the Green has arrived in the Black Forest. And within the emergency room of a New York hospital a Fable long thought dead returns! Don t miss the 20th-anniversary box set to get caught up on one of comics longest-running fantasy hits!