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Zomvikings #2 (Of 2) Cover B Smith (Mature)

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In the frozen land of the Vikings, a grim reality unfolds as the undead menace continues to spread. The bite of the zombies denies the fallen warriors their rightful entrance to Valhalla, the sacred realm of honored warriors. The honor of dying in battle is tainted, and a chilling question hangs in the air: How can King Knut and his people survive this relentless onslaught? Should they hunker down and attempt to endure the harsh season, or should they muster their courage and face an enemy that refuses to die? In ZomVikings #2, Rodolfo Santullo (Far South) and Jok (In Hell We Fight) deliver another gripping chapter, blending elements of heroic Viking mythology with the ever-present threat of the undead. Prepare for intense battles, difficult choices, and a fight for survival against an enemy that knows no mercy!