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Marvel Comics

Thor : God of Thunder #2 CGC 9.8 - 1:50 Ratio Variant

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Thor : God of Thunder #2 CGC 9.8 - 1:50 Ratio Variant

This gorgeous 9.8 copy of Thor: God of Thunder #2 (Vol.1) is the first appearance of Gorr The God Butcher played by Christian Bale in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie (in theaters July 8th)

This is a 1:50 ratio variant illustrated by the amazing Daniel Acuña depicting Thor on a winged pegasus.

It is one of less than eighty copies currently in existence.  This copy is the highest graded for this book, with no other copy graded higher.

CGC# 3991007017 

Story Synopsis:

In the year 893 AD, inside the great weapons hall of Asgard, Thor attempts to lift Mjolnir but is unable to do so. Hefting his ax, Jarnbjorn, he vows to one day make the hammer his, and sets sail on a longship into the Baltic Sea alongside a crew of Norse warriors. As fog closes in, the Vikings grow uncertain, but Thor boasts of his superior senses - not noticing a shadowy figure watching from the mists, standing on the surface of the water. One of the Vikings spots it and is terrified, but by the time Thor turns around the figure has vanished. Recalling the dead Native American god, Thor suppresses his concerns and tells the Vikings to shut up and keep rowing. However, Thor cautions the captain, to row slower until the fog passes. Emerging from the mist, a pale-skinned figure - naked save for a cloak of living darkness secretly follows, eager to hunt Thor and his kin.